Dear Sponsor,

It takes a lot of support from sponsors like you to achieve our mission and help create a better future for our children. Your involvement along with your generosity will assist in mitigating fatherlessness in our community.

As a young upstart non-profit organization passionate about advocating for children, A Father’s Legacy, Inc., was conceived in 2023 with the focus on the involvement of adolescent fathers (ages 15–21) in an effort to lessen the issue of absentee fathers. Research reveals that when fathers are actively involved, children on average tend to have fewer problems with school achievement, behavior, and social interaction than children whose father is not actively involved in their life.

Remarkably, a stunning statistic indicates that 3 in 10 teenage American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20, which is nearly 750,000 pregnancies every year, meaning that about 750,000 adolescent male students and men are also involved in teenage pregnancies. As a result of fatherlessness in the homes, 71% of students tend to drop out of school; 85% of the students have behavior disorders that tend to lead to criminal activity and deviant behavior, drug use, and an increase in sexual activity; and 90% of runaways and homeless children come from fatherless homes.

That is why I am passionate about this fatherhood program, A Father’s Legacy, Inc., and its mission which is vital not only for the young dads but crucial for our children, the family unit, and the broader settings of the neighborhood, community, and society. We really value your sponsorship and your participation as a Legacy Builder in support of A Father’s Legacy, Inc., endeavors. Collectively, we have the ability to be a beneficial influence in addressing the issue of fatherlessness. 

We are so grateful that you have chosen to become a community sponsor. The following benefit of your sponsorship includes the following: Company inclusion in press releases and video appearances; Company logo prominently displayed on T-Shirts and other gear, event signage, and media press releases; Company acknowledgement as sponsor in recognition on A Father’s Legacy, Incorporated website, social media, and in 2024 annual report.

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