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Empowering Fathers To Take Responsibility

The Journey Begins at the Root!

Are you a young dad feeling uncertain about your parenting abilities? Do you wish for guidance and encouragement on your journey of fatherhood? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

We are here to offer you hope, support, and care as you navigate the joys and challenges of being an adolescent father. Together, let’s build your paternal self-efficacy so you can feel confident and capable of raising your child(ren) with pride.

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Character Building

Principles and Values: The Character-Building program focuses on guiding adolescent fathers to develop strong values and principles. Through meaningful learning experiences, they will gain the understanding, skills, and confidence needed to play a positive role in their child’s life. This program aims to leave a lasting impact on their child’s upbringing.

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Creating Healthy Relationships

Establishing Strong Bonds: These workshops are designed to enhance family communication and intimacy. By participating in these workshops, adolescent dads can learn how to develop genuine, healthy, and intimate connections with their partners, co-parents, and children. This program strives to create a loving and supportive environment for the entire family.

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Responsible Parenting

Developing Fathers: The Accountability Parenting program aims to empower fathers by teaching them effective parenting techniques and fostering a loving relationship with their children. Through practical skills and guidance, dads will learn how to nurture their child(ren) in positive ways, ensuring a strong bond and a healthy upbringing.

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Attaining Financial Stability

Achieving Economic Knowledge: Earning a living can be overwhelming for young dads, and the Economic Stability program knows this. This program strives to help fathers recognize the importance of a legitimate, stable job by giving them work advice, helping them make budgets, and connecting them with social safety net programs. Gaining economic information is an important part of this program that makes sure young dads choose a better path to support their child(ren).

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Young Fathers Pathway

Our program offers support to young fathers who are 15 to 21 years old. We are happy to include older dads by directing them to resources that may help them during their adult years.

We focus our programming on young dads with babies/infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We want to ensure we impact those families with children at earlier generations to help set the stage for further growth and development.

Our Model

Our approach offers young dads the opportunity to connect with a community of fathers and supporters, receive mentoring and coaching services, and participate in safe group-based workshops.

Participating young dads receive father-centered, skill-based guidance on topics such as building self-esteem and paternal knowledge, improving parenting practices, and strengthening family bonds. Mentoring and coaching these young dads allows them to create an individual plan for personal growth that incorporates fathering principles. Moreover, we arrange for seminars and presentations given by prominent members of the community to enhance the abilities acquired throughout the program. Most importantly, we offer a safe space where young dads can connect with one another and continue supporting one another beyond program completion.

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“Enrollment Begins June – August 2024”
Enrollment Begins 2024