About Us

"A Radical Revolutionary Initiative
towards fathering evolution"

Who we are

A Father’s Legacy, Inc. is a community program that was established in 2023 to support young fathers in their journey of fatherhood. Our goal is to work alongside families and help them build strong foundations that lead to healthier relationships for their children by involving fathers.

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident with unwavering assurance, that He who began a good work in you will nurture it and refine it until the glorious day of Christ Jesus.”

Our Vision

Promote responsible fatherhood at the root through early engagement with support, care, and encouragement. We recognize that engaged fathers cultivate intentionality essential to their children’s growth.

Our Mission

The mission of the program is to address fatherhood among adolescent dads between the ages of 15 and 21 in our community by providing training, resources, and information to help them navigate adolescence, school, and fathering.

Our Objectives

To educate and provide resources for responsible parenting among adolescent/teenagers (ages 15–21) by encouraging and teaching them to have an active role in their child’s development. Concurrently, provide the vital tools that promote education achievement, training in effective parenting techniques, resources towards financial and employment stability, connection with positive male role models, and a revitalized sense of self-worth and hope for their families’ future.

Our Tasks

Mobilize Volunteers to join our exciting startup non-profit initiative who are willing to become role models, leaders, coaches, and mentors in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford counties. This is a call to action to lessen the effect of “fatherlessness, absentee fathers, and deadbeat dads” in our community. With a team of dedicated volunteers working together, who are passionate advocates for children, we will make an impact in our community.

Authentic Interaction is one of our key services using a training curriculum designed specifically for young fathers that is facilitated by a professional Coach using an evidence-based curriculum and small group learning with activities that encourage reflection and emotional growth in a safe, supportive group setting. Our program, provided at no cost, offers services and programs necessary to address the needs of young dads. Our program offers various services that connect young dads with community resources, such as social services, occupation prospect, healthcare, and faith-based assistance.

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